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Dear friends!


Our nongovernmental organisation ACHO wants to prepare 9 day multilateral youth exchange from the 24th of August to the 1st of September 2012.

Our project will take place in a beautiful calm village called Miloslavov ( situated in the south-western part of Slovakia, very close to the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava.

Nature of this traditional rural area and yet closeliness to the big modern city is going strenghten an excellent opportunity to prepare the project called:



CHANGES in the world and FRIENDSHIP, SHIP of CHANGE ideas and creativity - these are the main words, which we want to analyze during the project.


Recently we found ourselves encountered with many changes in our societies or in our perception about them – either youth sparkled social movements around Europe and further against growing political and economic inequality, revolutions in the Arab world for acquisition of democracy, or changes in our perception about Europe and its solidarity. All of these changes rose from conflicts between human beings (can be ideological, social, racial, gender, religious-based, generation, health, employment, environmental, economic, north-east, south-west…).

Our project will deal with the topic of conflicts through creative personal level: how a person in a society can deal with such a conflict-change. Applying unconventional artistic methods participants will try to understand and deconstruct these conflicts, and further educate the local community of the conflicts and their solutions or preventions. We hope to understand how the creativity of artists can be the power, which in many cases changed the world and how the art can help to grind off the conflict edging. So, visual art, performing art, drawing, art-craft, dance, theatre are the methods we want to work with. Through this experimental learning process everyone learns what she/he wants to learn and she/he wants to teach.


This artistic approach will assure a good way of dealing with conflicts and help us to realise that we - European dwellers - have very similar human problems. This together with knowing other participants and their cultures will foster our mutual friendship. Further, we hope it will leave inerasable imprint in Slovakia not only in the form of our final project presentation.


Profile of the participants:

- Total Number: 24

- Age and number of participant per group: 5 young people (age 18 to 25) + 1 leader (without age limit).

- All groups should be happy to use in their workshops and presentations visual art, performing art methods, like drawing, dance, theatrical, preparing movies/slideshows, or other methods and their members should like to learn about new artistic ways of work.

- We expect participants to be open, creative, and motivated to actively participate throughout the whole project.

- This project we want to prepare for four organisations/groups from EU or neighbouring countries. 

The working language is English.


Travel expenses, board, lodging and program costs:

- 70% of the costs will be reimbursed. Board, lodging and program costs are provided and paid by the host organization. No participation fee.



If you are interested to participate in this project, or know somebody who might be interested, in the preparation process of this project, please, fill in the joint CHANGESCHIP Application form and send it to


For more information, questions or comments please contact:

Igor Šabla , tel.: 00421-905-849 051


Information about our organisation and our past projects you can see here:

We hope to see you in Slovakia!


Working Methods

Creative sessions:

Expressive non-formal and informal education will be the main tool during the project. The use of dance, theatre, performing and visual art methods, role-plays, evaluation-shows, energizers, active discussions, functional and decorated session-spaces, etc.

With this way of working we create a safe environment that invites people to be actively involved in the learning, task and group proces – to involve of growing of their creativity.

Informal education:

Everyone learns what she/he wants to learn and she/he wants to teach. We spend a lot of attention to the functionality of the session rooms and also the environment. A tool library, informations, cosy corner, games, materials free to use on any moment, coffe-moments, .... Small things, but very important tools to improve the swing of the group and the learning proces (not only with the swing music).

Learning by doing, experimental learning:

The project will be a very active an practical one. During the project we will go to different places and 'experiment' the games, activities, tools,... in 'real life'.