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EDS – Hosťovali sme dobrovoľníkov

EVS – We hosted the volunteers

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EI number: 2010-SK-41
Activity length: 12 months


Venue: Miloslavov, Dancing Cottage

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Long term EVS for volunteers from different background, different organizations. With using of art and culture methods we want to increase lokal rural development, motivate lokal comunity for active spending of their free and leisure time, e.g. for learning foreign languages, for active interest of foreign cultures, for preparing freetime activities for children, volunteers will help with preparation of introduction and promotional events of freetime activities, activities of volunteers and program YiA, increase interest of local community for active life and for voluntarism.

In cooperation also with municipality, school, kindergarten, mother’s centre and other subjects Volunteers can choose activity or activities, where to focus his/her abilities in space of culture, art, photography, social help to disadvantage people, old people or children, in ecology, sport, teaching languages, craft, recycling, reusing, repairing, reconstruction and giving second chance for things, …

This activities of volunteers will be also big motivation for local youth, and profit from intercultural learning of this experience will not have only volunteer or our organization, but also local community, on which will be focused all the activities of EVS.

Information about activities:

For ACHO is really interesting to motivate local children and youth.
Miloslavov is village of around 2500 inhabitants very close to Bratislava (20 km from centre) But this is too long distance for children and their parents to do there some free time activities (music, dance, education lessons...).
Here is 4-year primary school (children till arround 10 years). Older children and youth are coming back from their school in Bratislava or in another close small town - Dunajska Luzna, and also they have nothing to do - except Facebook , local pubs and this kind of activities.

We want to change this view of "bratislava satellite" and prepare for local community interesting program. Volunteers could help us - with giving lessons of dance, theatre, craft textile, drawing , foreign languages, making photos, movies, prepare trips, sport or other activities, web sites - making ... everything is possible, everything is welcome. From preparing - through promotion - till realization.

We are preparing youth exchanges and training courses so there is possibility to help also in this space - preparing and realization of ACHO events.

Communication - most of youngsters in Slovakia have no problem with English. But children  and parents appreciate help in teaching it (on very basic level). At the very beginning could work "hand and foot" language :-)
later, after Slovak language lessons for volunteers, communication in Slovak can be possible.

Own project activities - Or independently, or together with other volunteers we will welcome initiative of new ideas how to improve the project and stay of volunteers here.
Volunteers can also participate our Tap Dance lessons in Bratislava - and straight after implement new knowledges in children activities.

We prefer candidates which like to “move” - especially which like to dance - or they used any kinds of dance genres in the past like  hobby and they are able to use this knowledge in practice. Also could help all kinds of craftsmanship or artistic skills (painting, music, work with textile, national craft, …. Etc … )
Volunteers could help also during school holidays during summer, with activities for children.

Volunteers according to their skills could help with preparation of the space for the activities, with gardening, with saving photo and video and other data for next generation, with reparation or making of equipment or prepare their own mini events/presentations/projects.


Tasks and responsibilities: Support of different areas of the program: children support in kindergarten, children support in elementary school, social work – support to old or disability people, foreign language workshops teacher, administrative or computer tasks, gardening and other tasks connected with life of hosting organization or local village environment, leisure-time art/sport/educational activities for children and adults, art workshops assistance, inter-cultural activities/workshops for children and adults, preparation of self-activity presentation/introduction/promotion for local community – e.g. preparation of photo exhibitions, children photo/art/IT/sport/ contests, trips, etc…


... but everything is open.

About Miloslavov:  This is localisation of "Dancing Cottage"


... and here the volunteers was accomodated:

2-3 bed rooms, each with bathroom & toilet, kitchen/dinning room, working/dancing room.



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